I’ve had a lot of people asking me various information on the current litter.

How many pups do you have left?
Currently we have 2 little boys available. If you are interested, please contact us for more information.

When will the pups be able to go home?
As long as everything is ok, pups will be able to go home beginning around June 20th, 2017.

What is the cost of the pups?
Please click here for more information.

Who are the parents?
Lady is the mother and Ghost is the father.

How much does Lady weigh?
Please click here for more information.

How much does Ghost weigh?
Please click here for more information.

Are the pups miniature or standards?
The pups will be miniatures, however, both of  Lady’s grandfather (Casper) is a standard and Lady does come from a miniature litter, even though she is a toy.

Are they registered?
Yes, both parents are registered with UKC and the litter is registered with them as well. You will receive the paper work to register your little bundle of joy.

Still have questions? Please feel free to check out our Puppy FAQ’s or contact us.

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