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Puppy FAQ's

How Much Are Your Puppies?
Puppies cost $900.00 for both males and females. We need a $200 deposit to hold a puppy for you. This does come off the price of your puppy so that the remainder is due in cash at the time of pick up or you may pay the remainder sooner. If you are having your puppy shipped, the remainder is due prior to shipping of the puppy.
What Is The Difference In Sizes?
UKC does not distinguish size on the paper work. However, they do come in 3 different sizes. This is judged by the size of the parents.
  • Toy size runs 10-15 lbs full grown.
  • Miniature runs 15-25 lbs full grown.
  • Standard runs 25-35 lbs full grown.
Do You Ship Puppies?
Yes, we can ship via air for an additional charge of about $425 right now to almost anywhere in the USA. You always have the option of booking a round trip ticket for yourself and I will meet you at the airport with your puppy and you can just pay for the puppy’s ticket to go home with you in the cabin.
Newborn American Eskimo puppies are born free of color, totally pink. After birth it takes a couple of weeks for them to get their coloring started and it starts in small spots all over their bodies. Some puppies start getting their spots in their faces first and some take a little longer than others to turn black in the face. This is normal and rest assured they will turn black eventually.
Where are you located?
We are located in Northeast Ohio in a small town called McDonald. We are right between Girard and Niles, Ohio.
Do You Deliver Puppies?
We can deliver your new bundle of joy within a 300 mile radius from our home. There is a charge of 52 cents a mile.
Do the pups come potty trained?
To be honest no. When they are with us they may, and will, start to use pee pee pads that we leave out for them. At this early age they can get sick from just being outside, so to protect your puppy, we do not let them go outside. However, to fully train your puppy you will need to work them for them to learn. Just like any other dog. Please refer to Google search on “How To Potty Train Your Puppy” for more information.
Puppy Info
Both Mother and Father (Ghost) is an American Eskimo – Miniature. The price for pups are $900 for females and $900 for males. Deposits are at least $200 (or if you want to put more down that is fine). I do accept Checks/Money Orders (there may be a $35 NSF for any returned checks/money orders), Credit Card, and PayPal for deposits only. Pups must be paid in full on day of pickup or delivery in cash. If you want to pay via Credit Card or PayPal you may do so at least no later then a week before pickup/delivery. Please let me know when you make your first deposit whether you would like a boy or a girl (unless otherwise noted). If pups need to be shipped there will be an extra shipping charge. If you are coming into an airport the pup can be picked up there for no additional charge.
What’s Included
What's Included
(Items shown may change)
What’s Included:
  • First Shots
  • De-Wormed
  • Health Record
  • Purina Puppy Starter Pack
  • Full Registration Papers (UKC – United Kennel Club)
I will send weekly updates on the puppies along with pictures. Please understand that things do tend to be crazy on the home life but I will send them out. The pups are being raised here at my home with my three children along with my husband and myself. So they will be used to children when they leave. Momma lives here at home with me and the Father lives with a friend of mine. If you would like references we do have many available also. You may visit any time but please contact us to arrange a visitation as we are a family and sometimes we do have our own activities going on. As a bonus, I am going to see about making each pup a little blanket and put it in with momma so when they go to your home, momma’s scent will be with them. I have found that this personally does work with bringing my own puppy home a few years ago.

You may contact us at any time with the information above or you may also fill out the form below.